Nicolas started Sampsonic Media to develop and produce original material across multimedia platforms, ranging from cinema and literature to online content.

Nicolas entered the film industry as an executive producer on the short film Lost Bullets. His next short film, The 13th Mirror, was based on characters he created, and the one after that, The Politics of Conflict, on a short story he wrote. He went on to write and executive produce the feature film Behind the Mirror, which premiered at the Manhattan Film Festival and won Best Thriller.

Nicolas is currently executive producing the feature films Hope Gap and Vita & Virginia and co-executive producing the documentary Unstuck In Time.

Arno is in charge of operations and heads the development of film and TV projects.

Before joining the team he produced and directed the feature film Olivia Twist, which has been released on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. Prior to that Arno produced the short film Lost Bullets, which was shot on location in Colombia. He also produced and directed the short films Intervention and Krym. All three films have been released on iTunes and Amazon.

Arno started out in the film industry as a stuntman, working with the likes of Patrick Swayze, Dolph Lundgren and director Paul Verhoeven.